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Read What Burlington Has to Say

With over 50 years of combined experience in the automotive industry and over 20,000 tires in stock, it’s no wonder why drivers in Burlington choose Accurate Tirecraft. Don’t take our work for it though—check out what our clients have been saying about us. If you would like to add your own comment please doesn’t hesitate to email us.

Hard Working Crew

This was my first time going to Accurate Tire. I had a flat, checked it out, only to see my tires were not worth patching. I called Accurate Tire, Ken answered, said they were really busy. I had to be somewhere that evening and did not know what to do. Ken said to bring my car in he would try to fit me in, I realize he stayed a little later to get new tires on my car. I really appreciated the extra time he put in to have my car finished in time to keep my appointment. It is good to know where I will be taking my car from now on. Thank You Ken and your hard working crew.


- Marilyn M.


Honest & Prompt

Hi Ken. You have constantly provided an amazing, honest and prompt service. Thank you for everything you do! For those looking for a place to service your vehicles, look no further.


- John H.


Thanks For Saving Me Money

Thanks for a great job in replacement of tires and much appreciated that I did not have to replace all four tires as you noticed ‘ one’ was all ready NEW ? Thanks for saving that money and I will be back for more work as needed.


- Maurice G.


Absolutely The Best

We have been dealing with Ken for many years, his company is absolutely the best in the business, best service, best prices, best Staff members.


- JWA 


Blown Away by Their Service

First time dealing with the guys at Accurate Tirecraft and I was blown away by their service. I've always heard stories about shops pressuring sales on customers and Ken’s the total opposite. I was given a written estimate on what my vehicle needed; Ken went over it and let me know what should be done now and what could be done later on. I'll certainly be back in the future.


-Jonathan A. 


I Only Go to Accurate Tirecraft for Maintenance

Accurate Tirecraft and auto is the only place that has serviced my vehicles since they opened in 2000. I've been driving the same 2000 Corvette C5 coupe for the last 18 years and it's running great thanks to regular oil changes and recommended maintenance.


-Peter W. 


Great Service and Price

I purchased new winter tires from Accurate Tirecraft and the service and price was great. I shopped around and found these people to be the best to work with. I would recommend this company. It is especially handy having the mall across the street.


-Jennifer R. 


In Just 8 minutes, I was In and Out of the Shop

We realized my wife had a flat tire on a morning when we were both very busy. The car couldn't be driven, so I drove up to Accurate Tire and dropped off her keys. I asked them to repair the tire or replace it with a comparable one. In just eight minutes, I was in and out of the shop.


I returned to the Fairview Street facility around 4 p.m. By then, they had already picked up the car from our Burlington condo, fixed up the original tire, and returned the car to our home. The only thing they didn't do was wash the car!


The bill was just $68, and we got to carry on using the tire. When I get that kind of service these days, it's worth commenting positively. The management here is really on top of things! When I need tires again, I will go back because of that experience.


-Eric C. 


They're the Best in the Area

We've been with Accurate Tire for a few years now and they've just been excellent! Ken and his staff are very polite, nice, and knowledgeable, and they offer very good prices. I also appreciate that they never make you feel silly. Sometimes, other mechanics will talk above you if you don't know the name of a certain part or something like that but Accurate Tire always speak to you in a friendly, professional manner and explain things very well.


I've recently had an amazing experience that really upped my respect for them even more. I had an A/C that was making a funny noise and it was decided that it needed to be replaced. The noise had to do with the clutch going and that part runs other essential functions of the car so it was important to get that dealt with. So we took it in and in order to save us money and time, they managed to get a third party compressor and put it in the same-day they got it which was awesome!


Over the next week, I noticed the A/C wasn't working very well again so Accurate Tire checked it and saw it wasn't working as well as it did before. Ken recommended a solution but it was still a problem. Now, I'm the kind of person who hates to call and complain but I figured if there's a problem, I should get it taken care of so I talked to Ken and he was super understanding. He ordered the better part and we were willing to pay the difference between the two parts they ordered for us. He said don't worry—we'll look after you. Later that day, he called when it was finished and I expected him to tell me the total cost but he told me he wasn't going to charge me for this second replacement. He said we had already gone through the inconvenience of bringing the car in multiple times and he wouldn't charge me for putting in the better part.


The real test of a company is what they do when something goes wrong because it's inevitable that something will go wrong. Accurate Tire exceeded my expectations and that recent event solidified that they're the best in the area. I don't even have extensive experience with mechanics in the area but I know I don't have to. I was really impressed!


-F & R Clark 


These Guys Really Go Out of Their Way

After servicing my mother's cars for over ten years now, Ken Hong and his team of mechanics never cease to impress.

I have never had an occasion to question their honesty or workmanship; these guys really go out of their way to keep the bills down with unnecessary repairs!


What you can expect is excellent customer service, up to date diagnostic technology and most importantly - competitive rates and reliable service.


Thanks a million guys.


-Christian T. 


I'm Glad That I Got Great Service for a Good Price

This was my first time using Accurate Tire and I had a great experience. Their customer service was just excellent. Everything from the prices to the actual work was fantastic. I was in and out in no time and am actually planning on going back in a couple of weeks. They installed new tires, cleaned my car rugs, and did an oil change for me. Everything turned out wonderfully. I thought the prices were very fair. Ken is very personable, helpful, and professional. I'm glad that I got great service for a good price.


-Rod P. 


What More Can You Ask For?

I have been a customer of Accurate Tire for years. They go above and beyond and do a great job. They are always super friendly. I have sent tons of my friends to them over the years. What more can you ask for?


-Steve S. 


Best Deals Around

They have helped me with a car that was a mess with lights on the dashboard, and is running perfectly.

Services, they are the best.


On tires they have the best deals around; I've done a lot of research.


Basically, my 2 cars will be touched only by them, they are so nice, good service and they even have a shuttle to drive the customers home.


-Luis B. 


Love My Cooper Discover AT3s

Had to replace the tires on my 2010 Dodge Ram 1500...they originally had Goodyear Wranglers on them and I never knew how noisy those tires were until I changed them to Cooper Discover AT3s...these tires are AWESOME. Quiet, great rain grip (so I suspect that snow will be good too), and decent grip when off road to drop our boat in the water. Plus the crew at Accurate were super easy to deal with and did a great job on the tires and my new rims...THANKS !!!!


-Steve B. 


Only Place I Take My Car

I have been going to accurate tire for about 13 years and have never taken my car anywhere else for service (not even to the dealer when it has been a new car). They are always friendly and provide the best service around. My cars seem to last longer and have less problems than before I was taking them there!


-Nancy T. 


Very Pleased

Friendly staff, excellent service at reasonable rates.


-Bill C. 


I Was Very Impressed With Both Product and Service

I purchased four Vredestein Quatrac 3 tires for my 2009 Hyundai Elantra. Car is driven by my young adult daughters and it snowed the following day. They were very impressed with the handling of the car and the new tires. I was treated extremely well at Accurate Tire and would most certainly return for other purchases and service.


-Dan W. 


Trustworthy and Reliable

I've been going to Accurate Tire for years. They're reliable, trustworthy, and I don't know what else to say. I've got no problems with them at all.


-Fred A. 


They Do Very Good Work at Accurate Tire

I just find them very professional. They're timely, they have it done when they said it will be done. You don't have to take anything back because it wasn't done right. They look after all my tire needs, and I've started to bring my cars there for maintenance too.


-Ron C. 


Customer Oriented, Maintain My Fleet of Company Vehicles

I have been going to Accurate Tire for 6 or 7 years because I ran a business with a fleet of vehicles and they did everything they could to keep my vehicles on the road. They were willing to work on them after hours or whenever there was a problem and did so quickly. The service is incredible; they have got my business for life. I trust them like family.


-Steve S. 


They're Amazing at All Times

My wife and I have been taking our cars to Accurate Tire for about 5 years now. Just this week we took in my car and my son's car. They are great to deal with. They are honest and reliable. What more can a person want? We won't go anywhere else.


-Joe D. 


I Was Very Pleased with Their Service

I went to Accurate Tire for oil changes as well as other tasks including minor repair works, nothing major. I was very satisfied with the extra services they performed at no charge.


-Jack X. 


Good Experience

For the most part, my experience with Accurate Tire has been very good. Sometimes, they can be a little more expensive than I prefer.


-Jerry G. 


Friendly and Personal Service

I found Accurate Tire provides excellent service. They are quick and responsive to my requirements. I never have had issue with the work they have done for me. When there was a problem they made sure to fix it, for no charge. I have bought many pairs of tires for myself and my kids from them.


-Gary P. 


Very Pleased

I have used Accurate Tire for many years and have always been happy with the service.


-John R. 


Quick and Fair

I bought, for my two cars, different sets of tires from Accurate Tire. I felt most welcome from the people there. They do a quick job and for a very fair price. They are very prompt: when they say 45 minutes, the car is ready in 30 minutes.


-Hans G. 



I have nothing but good things to say about Accurate Tire and Auto Care. My car had broken down and I had it taken to Accurate Tire and Auto. The service was very friendly and had my car fixed quickly.


I have since purchased snow tires there at a very reasonable price. I recommend Accurate Tire and Auto Care when you need something done to your car.




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