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Quality Tires in Burlington

Quality tires can mean the difference between a smooth driving experience and a poor one. Luckily, when you come to Accurate Tirecraft, you can choose from a large selection of multiple kinds of tires. We've made it easy for you to find tires in Burlington.

For more than 50 years, Accurate Tirecraft has proudly provided tires in Burlington. Whether your tires have to endure summer’s sweltering heat or winter’s freezing cold, you can count on us to find a solution. And if you don’t know what tires your vehicle requires, don’t worry – our team can help you find the right tires in Burlington for the occasion. We also offer a free tire rotation with every tire purchase.

Browse Our Selection of Tires in Burlington

We know that different seasons and terrains all require specific tires. For this reason, we give you a number of options:

We carry a large variety of tire brands, which you can view here.

Summer Tires

Find summer tires in Burlington’s Accurate Tirecraft. Also known as performance tires, summer tires help improve performance and aesthetic to your vehicle. These tires are stiffer than other types, designed for handling and stability. Summer tires also have a wider tread allowing more contact with the road and better dry traction. Try summer tires for your vehicle today and feel the difference!

What’s the Difference? All-Season, Summer & Performance Tires

All-season tires are expected to perform well for all types of road conditions. However, they do not provide as much grip as winter tires in cold and snowy conditions.

Some benefits of all-season or touring tires include:

  • Harder compound with softer sidewalls
  • Quieter than other types of performance tires
  • Designed for long-lasting performance
  • Ability to be used on wet, dry, and to a lesser extent, snowy road surfaces
  • Good water evacuation
  • A “T” speed rating

Fact: North America is the only place that has an “all-season” tire designation. One of the most important things to remember about all-season tires, as the definition suggests, is that they present a compromise every season as they aren’t made to be used in any specific type of weather.

Summer tires, also known as 3-season or performance all-season tires, are different from 4-season or all-season tires. They are becoming increasingly popular in North America, but the downside is that they can be much less effective when the weather reaches a freezing point. Summer tires have the following features:

  • Built with soft, rubbery compound that offers superior handling in various types of conditions
  • Noisier performance than 4-season or all-season tires
  • H or V speed rating with more aggressive tread pattern
  • Expected to disperse deep water

Still considered a summer tire, performance tires offer the highest level of grip in warmer temperatures. These tires excel in both wet and dry conditions. Performance tires are well-known for the following:

  • Stiff sidewalls for better cornering abilities and easier handling
  • Improving directional stability

Please note that performance tires do not work well in cold weather as they are designed for higher temperatures. Performance tires may also wear out faster because they are intended to be stickier.


Winter Tires

Accurate Tirecraft carries a selection of winter tires for Burlington vehicle owners. During the colder months, you should consider winter tires for your vehicle. Winter tires are made to improve traction, stopping, and handling when the temperature drops below 7°C/45°F. All-season tires can by good in many weather scenarios, but they often don’t provide the same grip and control that comes with winter tires. For a safer vehicle in cold and snowy weather, invest in winter tires.

Proper Tires Do Make a Difference in Safety

  • All-Season Tires perform well in many types of weather, but may not be effective in heavy snow or slush.Wide or High-Performance Tires (Summer Tires) have limited traction in snowy weather if not properly designed for snow.
  • Winter tires feature a deeper tread which is great for traveling on snow, slush, and ice along with wet and dry roads.

Tips for Winter Safety

With winter tires you’ll be able to maintain control and stability in your vehicle during icy conditions by adding four winter tires, but you don’t want to mix tires with different tread patterns, internal construction, or size. This can affect the stability of your vehicle. Replace winter tires routinely because your tires wear over time, reducing the traction of their tread. It’s important to replace your winter tires to ensure you always have enough traction for severe snowy conditions.

Be sure to check air pressure because proper air pressure can extend the tread life of your winter tires while improving safety and reducing fuel consumption. Tire pressure can decrease when the temperature drops so it’s important to check your winter tire pressure at least once a month during the winter.

For more information about tire safety, take a look at Transport Canada’s “Riding on Air” publication.


SUV & CUV Tires

As vehicles have evolved over time, we’ve seen family station wagons and minivans give way to the newly emerging market of sport utility vehicles (SUV) and crossover utility vehicles (CUV). SUV tires are built to support the needs of the SUV and CUV driver in terms of handling and performance. They can be designed to ensure that your vehicle will be able to handle different terrains and loads, all while providing confident handling and a smooth ride.

When choosing SUV tires, you’ll need to consider several factors:

  • Load range – Determine the heaviest load you’ll probably carry with your vehicle. Your vehicle’s load range is on the doorjamb or sidewall of the tires. Some used vehicles come with the wrong size for cheapness or convenience, so you should get tire information from the owner’s manual. Choose the heaviest load possible when choosing the right tires. 
  • Features – From a good tread wear warranty to ensuring you have deep enough tread, you want to make sure the tire’s features match your driving habits and style. If you do a lot of interstate driving, it’s important to get quiet, smooth tires. If you plan on doing off-roading, you’ll want to get all-terrain tires that have good grip.
  • Gas mileage – With gas prices always fluctuating, you’ll want tires with low rolling resistance. This cuts down on traction and gives you more miles per gallon. These tires may be more expensive, but they can save you money in the long run.

Pick Up & Light Truck Tires

With so many different kinds of trucks, and so many truck uses, there are of course many different types of tires. From heavy-duty pickup trucks to passenger trucks, you need to make sure the truck tires you select match the size and purpose of your truck. At Accurate Tirecraft we offer several different types of truck tires so you can be sure to get the perfect fit.

  • Highway Tread (HT): these tires are typically designed in the traditional style with four circumferential grooves for water evacuation. In general, they also feature solid or large tread blocks on the shoulder (outside edge) to provide high mileage, a quiet and smooth ride and increased fuel economy.
  • All Terrain Tread (AT): these tires come with treads that are designed for drivers who like a more aggressive look for their vehicle, or drivers who tend to head off-road frequently. Less rubber comes into contact with the road in what is known as the contact patch; however, these tires feature an aggressive tread design that creates more traction when the truck is driving on surfaces other than pavement.
  • Mud Terrain Tread (MT): these tires have tread designed for serious off-road drivers as they are very aggressive and have small contact pads. They feature a deep initial rubber offering and are designed for truck owners who enjoy off-roading a lot with their vehicles and need an aggressive tread to dig through any muddy or rough terrain.

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